Hello May May 09 2016, 0 Comments

This wonderful weather is really just so exciting. This weekend I have been to my first BBQ and had my first Pimms of the year, both key milestones in the move towards summer.

I came across a wonderful recipe for a white wine sangria made with vinho verde, a lovely Portuguese wine I have been a fan of for several years. Vinho verde is slightly fizzy, refreshing and relatively low alcohol making it perfect for sipping in the sun alone or made into a sangria. Find the recipe here on the very elegant Bojon Gourmet blog.


A couple of weeks ago I accidentally stumbled into a pop up shop at craft central for Iris Sandals. Made in Crete by local craftsmen and hand embellished by the lovely Anastasia in London, these sandals are just so much fun and perfect for summer.

 gladiator tassel sandals leather sandals IRIS

Jewellery wise at this time of year I always reach for my turquoise and coral rings. This teeny little turquoise ring was a special order with a 1.2mm ring shank a couple of months ago. 

Fingers crossed this weather continues!