Cityscape - a contemporary wedding ring April 15 2014, 1 Comment

Just before Christmas I created a special set of my Cityscape rings in 18ct gold, as an unusual and contemporary wedding ring.

My cityscape rings were inspired by a trip to New York last year. Skinny and stackable rings are everywhere, and these particular rings have a set of teeny little columns on top, creating a little skyline across the back of your finger. The unusual angle of this image shows this effect, as each ring is unique, each tiny city will be slightly different. 

These rings are also in 18ct gold, which as a stronger, richer colour than 9ct. At this scale it's still very subtle, but really beautiful. It's difficult to see from the image, but one of these rings is yellow, and the other rose. All of my stacking rings are available in 18ct gold via special order, send me an email for a quotation.

The image above is of the 9ct gold version of these rings, a softer shade of yellow, but still very pretty. These are also available in sterling silver and 9ct rose gold.