An April Wish List April 22 2014, 0 Comments

I thought I would share a few images of other peoples lovely things I am currently coveting. 


Woodland Gold Butterfly  Woodland Hummingbird Mini


Grayed Jade   Stormy Sea 4

    Guildford Castle Vintage Style Travel Print      Cottage Garden Vintage Style Travel Print

1. Watches from Olivia Burton, who make really pretty vintage style designs. I'm not sure I could actually tell the time using these, but as my friends are convinced I'm always going to be late I guess that doesn't matter.

2. Chevron necklaces from Amy Lawrence Designs. Amy is a textile designer who makes amazing knitted jewellery, these are so chic, and would look great over a very simple jumper.

3. Satchels from Brit Stitch, these gorgeous bags are made in Britain, traditional styles but loads of gorgeous modern colours.

4. Last but not least gorgeous prints from the super talented Richard Keenan. These sunny coloured prints show Surrey at it's best.


(Disclaimer: This post is in no way related to my approaching birthday.)