Silver Sailboats April 29 2014, 3 Comments

The first silver boat necklace I made was an experiment. I had some odd shaped pieces of silver left from cutting the circles for my Stella rings, I tried doming and shaping the pieces and decided they looked a bit like sails, moving in the breeze.

Each of these necklaces is a unique piece, I start from flat silver sheet each time, cutting shapes for the sails. I use a doming block to curve each of the pieces, then use pliers to create more complex shapes.

I collect images of boats for inspiration, and start with a general idea of the type of shape I am aiming for, letting each piece take it's own direction.

Sometimes I make 2 or 3 boats at once, creating several sails and then experimenting with different combinations of pieces, until I find something with the kind of personality I am looking for.


This little boat is inspired by a one person racing craft, a laser, or similar.

Sterling silver Sailing ship necklace - Handmade in the UK - Unique piece

This second boat is a little more abstract, a large sail billowing in the breeze.

As each boat is unique I only list them for sail in one location, my Etsy shop, Two Red Trees, and What I Always Wanted are currently offering options from the flotilla.