Baguette Rings June 09 2014, 0 Comments

Last year when I visited New York I tried on a teeny little ring set with a rectangular clear stone. It was gorgeous, but as a jeweller myself I felt I couldn't anywhere near justify the price tag so I put it back on the shelf, and came home determined to work out how to set a rectangular stone.

My experiments carried on for several weeks, and the solution I came up with is one I haven't seen anywhere else. 

The original ring I tried on had a really really tiny stone set at the ends of the long size, it was inserted into a shank the same width of the stone. The ring I have developed has a soft wrap of metal around the rectangular stone, holding it in on the long ends.


This solution is a little erratic, the stones don't always want to sit totally straight, and the amount of metal which is wrapped over the stone can vary. Each setting is made from scratch and will vary slightly in size and how it fits the individual stone. However these rings have proved far more popular than I ever thought, and are now one of my best selling items, in their various sizes.

Available in sterling silver or 9ct gold, in 3 sizes and with a variety of stones. These rings are incredibly easy to wear, either in the skinny version stacked with other rings, or alone particularly in the larger sizes.