Recent commissions June 23 2014, 0 Comments

This month I made a ring for my cousin Caroline's birthday. It's based on my orbit stacking rings, but enlarged to a custom size.

This ring is handmade in solid sterling silver, and set with a Mozambique garnet. Garnet is sometimes just seen as a cheap substitute for Ruby, but it's a beautiful stone in it's own right, and comes in many shades of red from purple and pink through to this gorgeous rich orangey red.

Garnet is considered to aid creativity, enhance passion, inspire love and and stimulate blood flow. 


This month I also had an order for 3 of my skinny stacking bands, as a 30th birthday present. 3 best friends each chose one band to represent their own personality, hammered silver, smooth 9ct yellow gold, and hammered rose gold. The result was a gorgeous custom stack as a gift for one lucky girl. I thought this was such a lovely idea, very subtle but with such a nice sentiment behind it.