Wanderlust - Island hopping

Although I'm lucky enough to live in a beautiful area of the country, this time of year always fills my mind with places I would love to be. I seem for some reason to be very drawn to small islands.

The channel island of Alderney is one of my favourite retreats, the tiny island has a coastline packed with beautiful beaches, and as it's so tiny there really isn't anything to do other than relax.

The braye beach hotel in the harbour has wonderful views along the beach. I haven't stayed there but the bar is lovely for a few drinks.

Another favourite location is Reykjavic in Iceland. The scenery is amazing, and the atmosphere very relaxed. 

I went on a northern lights viewing trip in February which was completely amazing.

The next tiny island I will be exploring is Madeira! I won't be shipping orders for the first couple of weeks of July as I'll be sipping port in the sun (I hope).

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