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Rocking wishbones

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These very simple rings developed from an experiment. I was making a cage of silver to surround a glass bead, and picked up one of the quarters of the cage and slipped it on like a ring.

A few further experiments led me to the current design, which curves around your finger in the same way the section of cage did.

Hand shaped from solid sterling silver or 9ct gold, these simple rings are comfortable to wear and perfect for everyday.

I have recently introduced a bangle in the same design, which again has a subtle curve going around the whole ring and a sparkly hammered texture.

The knuckle version of this ring is a bestseller in both 9ct gold and sterling silver, elegant and very comfortable, a full size and a knuckle ring together look great.

These rings are also available in 18ct gold via special order, send me an email for a quote.

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