Holiday finds August 04 2014, 0 Comments

I very rarely buy jewellery for myself made by other people but just occasionally I find something I can't resist.

In Madeira on holiday I came across a teeny little jewellery shop in an alleyway filled with the most beautiful delicate little rings. 3 of the rings I bought were intended to be children's rings, meaning they fitted as knuckle rings. I think the women in the shop thought I was mad buying rings which sat above my knuckles, the trend must not have reached their little alleyway yet.

My final purchase was this gorgeous enamel and gold ring, it's absolutely teeny and fits my fourth finger as a midi ring, but it's so cute.

I took pictures of lots of pieces in the window, and have loads of ideas for new designs buzzing around in my mind based on the pieces I saw. Watch this space for some new designs in the next few months.