White gold September 08 2014, 0 Comments

Gold, as we all know, is yellow. Definitely very yellow, bright and rich and warm. White gold therefore is in a way an interesting concept. The alloys are created to hide the colour of the gold, and then in most commercial jewellery, covered with a plating of white rhodium, giving a bright white finish.

It wasn't a material that interested me at all until I had a request for a wedding ring in 9ct white gold last year, but I was very taken with the soft, warm colour of the 9ct white, without the layer of plating, and am now adding 9ct white to my skinny ring ranges.

9ct white gold has a lovely soft warmth, the alloy contains a lot of silver so it is similar in colour, but you get a nice warm glow from the gold content. It's a very flattering shade, and goes beautifully with the other colours of 9ct.

18ct is very different, palladium, which is very similar to platinum, is added to the gold, giving the metal a darker colour. It is very similar in appearance to platinum or palladium, although less expensive than platinum. It's a more dramatic option, which can be nice alongside the other colours of 18ct.

My rocking wishbones and stacking bands, both full size and midi, are now available in 9ct white gold, alongside the yellow and rose. Other items are available in white gold via special order, send me an email for options.