Unique wedding rings September 29 2014, 0 Comments

Judy and Ricky have tied the knot so I can finally share these lovely wedding rings with you all!

Judy contacted me back in May to discuss the possibility of making some unique wedding bands for her and her future husband.

Ricky had a concept in mind, he wanted to link the rings physically by taking a piece from one band and putting it into the other. Judy has a beautiful Victorian engagement ring which she wanted her ring to sit elegantly with.

The solution we arrived at was different for the two rings, Judy's ring is rose gold with a round profile and the delicate hammered texture I often use, giving it a great sparkle. I incorporated a subtle sliver of yellow gold to match Ricky's ring, so the band changes softly from one shade to the other.

'We received the rings this evening and they are absolutely perfect, thank you so so much.' Judy

Ricky's 18ct yellow gold band has 2 strips of rose gold embedded in the surface. These are the same diameter as Judy's ring, as if the rings has been interlinked like a magician's trick, then separated leaving a trace. Using the concept in these two different ways allows the bands to be very different but very clearly linked. Ricky opted for a more contemporary matt finish to his D shaped band. 

'Thank you again for your patience with us and for really making this such a wonderful experience.' Judy