18ct gold bands

I've recently added these gorgeous hammered bands to my website and Etsy shop in 18ct gold, along with my skinny hammered bands. The image below shows, from left to right, 9ct yellow gold, sterling silver, palladium, and 18ct yellow gold.
Elegant hammered rings
18ct has a wonderful richness of colour, and these bands are perfect for a special treat for everyday wear, or as a sparkly wedding band.
Elegant hammered ring
As a reminder from my blog post earlier in the year, 18ct gold is 75% pure gold, whilst 9ct is 37.5% pure gold. This is what causes the colour difference, but across the different alloys it has a different effect. Mixing different qualities of gold can create a really nice effect in stacking bands, personally I love 9ct white gold with 18ct yellow or rose.
Skinny hammered band rings
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