Uncut gemstones - glamour with an edge November 10 2014, 0 Comments

Recently I found some amazing uncut spinels online. I love uncut gemstones, they can have wonderful depth of colour and a touch of sparkle, mixed with the rough edges. As they are natural forms they are also all unique.

I've started to make some of these up into jewellery, starting with the necklaces below.

I've kept the settings really simple to focus on the gems, but polished them to a high shine to add contrast.

This little deep red spinel is almost heart shaped, wrapped in a cage of 9ct yellow gold.

Spinels are precious stones regularly used in jewellery, historically they were not distinguished from sapphires and rubies. There are some spinels in the crown jewels which were though to be rubies until examined with a computer.

This orange spinel fades in places into softer shades, and almost to white. I've set it in a simple sterling silver cage.

Keep an eye on the necklace page of my website for these pieces and some others to come in the next couple of weeks.