Christmas gift ideas November 24 2014, 0 Comments

Jewellery is of course a great Christmas present option (I would say that). Here are a couple of tips to help if you're thinking of ordering something for a friend or loved one.

The difficulty with buying rings as gifts is of course sizing, if you are buying for a friend or significant other, and you have the opportunity to briefly borrow a ring of theirs which fits, you can print a sizing chart from this site, which you can lay the ring on to find out what size it is.

If you can't get a size and you still want to order someone a ring, do bear in mind that rings generally can't be resized with stones in, so the stone will need to be removed before the ring can be changed which is a lot more work. If you are buying a ring and you aren't sure of the size you can always drop me an email to find out how much re-sizing would cost.

With metal only rings like my wishbones, stacking bands, Orbit and Sally rings I can often re-size them for free, excluding any postage costs. I also have an excellent record when it comes to guessing people's ring sizes!

Necklaces are a great present option which avoids needing a size. I have a range of unique stone set pieces on my website which I will keep adding to in the run up to Christmas, and will be bringing along to the Stock MKT on 6th December. 

These uncut spinels are set in solid 9ct gold (above) are £95, and these gorgeous tourmalines (below) set in sterling silver are £45. Each one is totally unique so if you think they would be perfect for someone you know grab one before they are gone.

Good luck with all the Christmas shopping!