Aquamarine - For March Babies

Continuing with my birthstone series, if you are born in March then your stone of choice should be an aquamarine.

The name comes from the latin aqua marina, water of the sea. The most valuable colour is the darker blue, although there are various different shades. Aquamarine has been highly valued in jewellery for a long time, aqua coloured glass pieces intended to imitate this stone have been found which were at least 2,000 years old. 

Aquamarine is said to calm thoughts and to be an emotional and physical balancer.


I don't offer aquamarine as a standard option for any of my rings, but would be very happy to quote any item you are interested in. I've also recently found some very cute teeny aquamarine cabochons with lovely slightly irregular shapes. Keep an eye out for some unique pieces made with these coming soon.


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