Diamonds are a..... April 20 2015, 0 Comments

April's birthstone is the diamond, probably the most famous gemstone. Diamonds are the hardest substance in existence and have a variety of uses across different industries making them hugely valuable.

Although wedding and engagement rings can be reliably dated back to Roman times and were probably used before that, the idea of a diamond being essential to an engagement ring comes from the 1940s. The slogan 'a diamond is forever' was first used by De Beers in 1947.

The first thing which comes to most people's minds when thinking of a diamond is of a clear, faceted stone. Diamonds also come in a variety of colours and in opaque as well as transparent versions.

These little opaque grey diamonds set in 9ct yellow gold are very sparkly with a lovely rustic edge. This stone doesn't have to be bling or traditional and the toughness makes it perfect for everyday wear.

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