Tourmaline - for October babies October 26 2015, 0 Comments

October babies are particularly lucky when it comes to birthstones. Not only do they have two to choose from, tourmaline or opal, but tourmaline comes in a wonderful range of colours.

One of my personal favourites, tourmaline is classified as a semi precious stone. It comes from various parts of the world, but historically Sri Lanka provided most of the gems brought to Europe by the East India Company.

Possibly the most well known colour of tourmaline is a bright bottle green, as in this ring which is one of my best selling pieces. Bluer shades are slightly more expensive, and pink and reds even more so.

Red tourmaline is sometimes known as rubellite, which can be misleading as it suggests it is some sort of ruby but it is a completely different stone. Pink tourmaline can be particularly lovely with a really bright colour as below. 

As with all stones tourmalines vary in quality and can have natural inclusions. This affects the value of the stone.

Pink tourmaline is thought to help bring trust and love to wearer, whereas green tourmaline reinvigorates the heart.

Green tourmaline is available as standard for most of my stone set designs, and other colours are available for special orders. I also keep an eye out for unusual tourmalines like the necklaces above, and hope to have some more available soon.