Topaz and Citrine for November Babies December 01 2015, 0 Comments

November babies have a choice of 2 birthstones, Topaz or Citrine. 

The name topaz comes from the Greek name for St John's Island in the Red Sea where an orange stone was mined. In the middle ages the word topaz was used for any orange or yellow stone. 

Topaz is found naturally in various colours including red, orange, green, blue, grey and brown  as well as totally clear. Imperial Topaz, which is yellow or orange is the most valuable colour. The blue versions which are so popular are generally grey or clear stones naturally which are heat treated to produce different shades of blue.

Baguette ring with London blue topaz

This baguette ring has a London blue topaz which is a wonderful deep blue, and is one of my most popular items.

Blue topaz is considered to help with creativity, and particularly to be good for writers.

Orbit ring with Swiss blue topaz

Citrine is sometimes considered a cheap alternative to precious topaz, but is a very pretty stone in it's own right. As the name suggests it comes in various shades of yellow and orange similar to citrus fruits.

Citrine is thought to increase awareness, control emotions and raise self esteem.

I offer blue topaz for most of my stone set items, and can offer citrine as a special order item. Citrine is a relatively inexpensive stone. Natural imperial topaz will be considerably more expensive.