Moissanite, a diamond substitute January 11 2016, 0 Comments

Moissanite is a synthetic diamond substitute which has recently started to become more popular in the jewellery market.

Discovered in 1893, moissanite occurs naturally in very very small quantities, mostly in meteorites. The quantities in nature are far too small for use, but it has now been synthesised in a lab and the artificial version is becoming more widely available.

Moissanites have a wonderful fire similar to a diamond, this is what sets them apart from cubic zirconia and other stones such as sapphire and topaz which come in clear forms. They can be even more dramatic than a natural diamond, and at considerably less cost.

In general I tend to prefer natural stones if possible, but although I always buy conflict free diamonds from a reputable source there are still complex ethical concerns around diamond production.

Possibly in this occasion an artificial substitute is worth considering, I would love to know what you think. Does it need to be a diamond, or if you are looking for sparkly perfection is the visible effect the most important thing? If it was impossible to tell the difference, would you tell?