Hello February February 01 2016, 0 Comments

February can be a little uninspiring, it's still dark and cold outside and spring feels like it's a way off.

Cosying up on the sofa still feels like the best option. I'll be hiding under my Future Kept blanket in front of a succession of films arguing with my other half about what precisely constitutes a 'chick flick'. I'm not at all convinced my favourite 80's and 90's vampire movies fit into this category. Twilight has a lot to answer for.

British Made 100% Wool Blanket Grey - The Future Kept - 1

If I can bring myself to leave the house I will be heading to the V&A for the Julia Margaret Cameron exhibition.

This month I am working on a new wedding range, based on pieces I have been making to order for the last couple of years. These are mostly familiar designs in slightly heavier weights and a wider range of metals. 


Rocking wishbone, 1.2mm, 18ct red gold, smooth

These rocking wishbone rings are a unique option on their own, or work well with large stoned engagement rings. I make a larger circle of metal and hand shape these into a wishbone, so the curve can be subtle or more dramatic to suit. 

I am also adding a new section to my website with lots of information on choosing a ring. 

That should keep me busy until spring rolls around.