Palladium - the new shiny thing April 18 2016, 0 Comments

Palladium is a relatively new metal in the jewellery market. It has been used to make white gold since the 1930's but only recently started to be used on it's own. Hallmarking for palladium was introduced by the UK Assay Office in 2010. (Find out more about hallmarks here.)

A very similar metal to platinum, palladium has a dark silvery colour and doesn't oxidise with time. It is less dense than platinum but still a very tough jewellery metal good for long term wear.

5mm slim court band, and 1.5mm halo band in palladium, with hammered finish

The price of palladium, as with platinum can fluctuate as it has many industrial uses. Half of all the palladium mined goes into catalytic converters. At the moment it is a much more affordable alternative to platinum, and less expensive than 18ct gold.

I haven't ever been hugely interested in platinum so this isn't a metal I have used much, but last month I made the wedding rings in the image above for Emma and Brendan and just loved how the dark shiny metal looked with a hammered surface.

If you have been considering platinum or white gold for your wedding jewellery palladium is certainly something you should look at whilst it remains more affordable.