Hallmarking April 10 2017, 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered what those little marks inside rings mean? 

A hallmark is legally required if you are selling over a gram of gold, half a gram of platinum or just over seven grams of silver.

The mark is made up of 5 elements.

1: A makers mark

Each registered maker has a different mark made up of some initials inside a shape. Mine is NAS inside an oval shape. Each combination of initials and shape must be unique to the specific maker.

2: A traditional fineness mark.

This tells you what precious metal the piece is made of.

3: A millesimal fineness mark.

This gives you the percentage of the precious metal, so 925 means 92.5% which is the proportion of pure silver in sterling silver. A mark guarantees that the piece includes at least that quantity of the metal. The assay office test each piece they receive before applying the marks.

4: An assay office mark.

This identifies the office which marks the piece.

5: A date letter.

This tells you the year the piece was marked in.