Hello July

I seem to always start these posts talking about the weather, a British preoccupation. It's a little disappointing at the moment which is par for the course for a British summer.

Later this week we are off for a little trip to Rye in Kent. We will be visiting the Chapel Down winery nearby as well as having a look at the town. I'm in holiday mood already and can't wait. 

Wedding season is in full swing, so I will have some new pieces to share in a few weeks once a few more of the ceremonies are out of the way. 

In the meantime I was recently asked to look at making a knot ring as a special order. I didn't want to just make a simple knot these are all over the place so I have made a slightly more complicated knot which is almost like an infinity symbol. I was really pleased with the result so I've added this to my shop in yellow and rose gold.

These rings are made from one continuous piece of solid gold wire, so each one will be very slightly different.

I also had a special order for an opal ring in 9ct white gold, and also tried my rose quartz ring in white metal. These are really pretty if you aren't a gold metal person.

Keep an eye on my instagram for some images of Rye later this week. 

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