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The 5 key decisions to choose your wedding band

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When discussing wedding rings I very often hear the phrase 'I just want something simple'. No stones? No unusual shapes? No radical materials?

No problem, there are just 5 key decisions you still need to make:

Profile - 

If you were to cut through your ring and stretch it out into a straight line, what shape would you see at the end?

'D' and Court shaped rings are what most people would recognise as a traditional wedding ring look. Court bands have a curve on the inside to make them more comfortable. 

Flat bands can look more contemporary, and the Easy fit version with a curve on the inside is an option for more comfort.

Weight - 

Not all profiles will also offer weight options, but the more popular bands such as courts sometimes offer light, medium or heavyweight versions. The actual weight of the metal won't change, so heavier weight versions are thicker. This really is about whether you like the feel of a weighty ring on your finger.

If budget is a key concern going for a lighter weight version will generally be cheaper, as will choosing a 'D' shape over a court band. 

9ct white gold court band, 5mm

Width - 

Again all of these designs of ring will come in various widths, and the decision is about the look you want. If your fingers are larger, a wider ring will generally look more balanced, the same if your fingers are smaller. 4mm is about average in my experience for a court band. 5mm or 6mm will give a chunkier look. 

Metal - 

There is a lot of information on the different options for metal in the dedicated pages on my website.

Gold Carats and Colours

White Metals

If you are generally a silver wearer, or don't like the idea of bright yellow gold consider 9ct white as a softer, flattering alternative.

If you like the look of platinum, but are struggling with budget, consider looking into palladium as an alternative. 

Be aware if you are placing the ring next to an engagement ring that very hard metals like platinum can wear softer metals like gold.

Finish - 

Most jewellery is sold with a very highly polished finish. If very shiny isn't your thing then a matt finish is also an option, this can give a very different feeling to a metal.

I also offer hammered finishes on most of my pieces. This can be very pretty on a slim ring, and can be slightly more rustic on a larger surface. 

Shiny hammered, and matt wedding rings in 18ct yellow gold

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