Eco / Fairtrade Wedding Jewellery

Whenever possible I buy eco (100% recycled) silver or gold to make my pieces.

My suppliers offer this for some weights of wire and sheet for sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold, 18ct yellow gold and 18ct white gold.

This is gold or silver which has been previously used and recycled, rather than newly mined. Recycling has always been a part of the jewellery trade, and it is likely that a lot of the gold on the market is to some extent recycled. However eco gold or silver is guaranteed to be 100% recycled.

I am also registered as a fairtrade goldsmith, and can offer some of my own designs, and traditional court rings in 18ct yellow or white in fairtrade gold which is newly mined but following fair practices.

2mm hammered rings in 18ct gold

For a list of exactly which of my designs are made in eco gold/silver or fairtrade gold please send me an email.