A birthday commission - unique cast silver rings

These two unique silver rings were created by lost wax carving. This is a really old technique where a mould is carved from hard wax and then cast into metal.

It is a great technique for creating organic, soft shapes. For this commission I was asked if I could create a unique piece as a birthday present for one of my brother's colleagues. She liked the idea of quite a chunky organic form, and we discussed taking inspiration from something in the natural world, the sea or something growing.

In the end both of the pieces I created were inspired in different ways by the sea. The first ring has a soft, organic shape and a pattern of inscribed lines, reminiscent of sand after the tide has gone out, or of the overlapping ripples in the surf around your feet. This ring has a highly polished silver texture, with a matt finish inside the deep grooves.

The second piece I created is more sculptural, a wave breaking on  the shore.

As these rings were cast from a single carved wax without a mould being made they are totally unique.

Commissioning a carved ring in silver, gold or palladium as a special gift or a wedding ring is the perfect way to have something unique created just for you. I really love creating pieces like this, send me an email if you would like to discuss a commission.

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