Sustainable Recycled Metal Wedding Rings

Why choose a recycled wedding band?

One of the wonderful things about metal is that it is infinitely reusable, it can be melted down and reformed and is just as good as new.

Gold mining can be very damaging to the environment, so reusing all the previously mined material available is an essential part of reducing damage to the environment.

I fully support the fairtrade and fairmined gold schemes, but these materials are not available in a way that allows me to offer most of my pieces.

If you want to make sure your wedding rings are sustainable and ethical I would advise looking for fairtrade, fairmined or recycled metal. 

Where I source the metals for my rings from 

All gold and silver I use for my rings, including wedding rings is recycled, rather than being newly mined.

It comes from a UK company who rework post consumer material into wires and sheets that are just as perfect as they were before they changed to fully recycled materials.

What recycled metals do I use for my wedding rings?

All my pieces are made of solid precious metals.

I work in sterling silver, 9ct and 18ct gold, white, rose or yellow, and a very small amount of 14ct yellow gold. I can't source 14ct white or rose unfortunately.

9ct gold is my comfort zone, this is what I work in most often. It’s a really beautiful, hard wearing material that can be quite affordable in comparison to the higher carats.

I can offer palladium and delicate pieces in platinum, as a special order, but I don't currently have an ethical source for this material. Platinum is a very dense metal, without getting too much into the science I can only create enough heat in my tiny workshop to make quite delicate pieces in this material.

Feel free to send me an email with any questions about my recycled metal wedding rings.

Three hammered wedding rings in sustainable recycled metal

Hammered Wedding Rings in 18ct white gold, 9ct rose gold and Sterling silver