Handmade Hammered Wedding Bands

What are hammered wedding rings?

Hammered rings are pretty much exactly what they sound like, I add a texture to the surface of the ring by hitting it with a small, round ended hammer. The uneven surface catches the light and gives a unique look to the ring.

I love hammering gold, it gives a gorgeous sparkle to the finish of a ring, with a delicate band it can be a pretty, low maintenance and low cost alternative to covering something in diamonds. For a wider band the look can be a bit more rustic.

As the rings are hammered by hand I can offer a heavier or lighter finish.

What types of metals can be hammered?

I make hammered rings in 9ct and 18ct gold, white, yellow and rose, sterling silver, platinum and palladium. 

Will my hammered wedding ring last?

In terms of maintenance, a hammered finish is going to pick up less in the way of obvious knocks and scratches as it's worn so it's a very practical option. The hammered surface will very slowly wear, so a piece might need another hammer after many years of daily wear, probably decades, but the change would be incredibly subtle. In comparison to many other finishes this needs very little thought.

Men's Hammered wedding bands

Any plain band is suitable for men or women, but men do often choose a slightly wider band. I would say 4mm is about average, but the look it gives will depend on the size of your fingers.

Hammered bands are a popular option, sometimes with a slightly matt finish over the hammered effect to take the edge off the sparkle. A matt finish is temporary, but if you aren't keen on too much sparkle it's a nice starting point. 

Types of hammered wedding rings I create

I can add a hammered finish to any shape of band, squarer or rounder in profile. My standard slim bands have a round cross section, but you do lose the definition of the curve slightly.

I offer rings from 1mm to 6mm in a variety of different profiles.

Have a look below for a selection of previous hammered bands.

  • 18ct yellow gold hammered wishbone wedding ring

    18ct yellow gold hammered wishbone ring, 1.5mm

  • Hammered wedding rings in recycled gold

    2mm and 4mm heavy hammered wedding bands in 9ct gold

  • 2mm wedding bands in recycled gold

    2mm square bands, top band hammered 9ct rose gold

  • 9ct white gold hammered wedding ring

    4mm hammered band in 9ct white gold, square edges

  • 9ct white gold hammered wedding ring

    2mm hammered band in 9ct white gold

  • Handmade wedding bands in recycled gold

    4mm hammered band in 18ct white gold

  • Recycled gold hammered wedding rings

    Close up of heavy hammered 9ct yellow gold bands

  • recycled gold hammered wedding bands

    2mm halo bands in hammered 18ct yellow gold

  • Slim hammered wedding bands

    Thin hammered bands

Hammered wedding bands