Handmade Wedding Rings

Why choose a handmade wedding band?

A wedding band is a very personal purchase, so having it hand made just for you makes perfect sense. Each of my pieces is hand made to order, allowing me to offer all UK sizes and half sizes, as well as a wide range of options of widths and profiles. 

My ring making process

As each of my pieces is hand made to order I don't hold any stock beyond a range of samples. I quote about 4 to 6 weeks for hallmarked items, with samples for bespoke shapes on top of this. 

Most pieces start as a piece of flat sheet metal or a piece of wire. Machined metal like this is stronger than cast pieces, and particularly for the thin bands gives a nice strong band. 

Chunkier and more organic pieces are more suited to being cast from wax moulds, this is a service I offer. It can take a while, please get in touch at least 3 months before your wedding, and has a slightly higher upfront cost. 

Types of wedding rings I make

Most wedding ring orders start with an email enquiry. I will need a general idea of what you are looking for, but there are far more options than are visible on the website. 

I offer rings in 9ct and 18ct gold, yellow, white and rose, as well as sterling silver and a small amount of 14ct yellow gold. 

I can offer delicate pieces in palladium and platinum via special order. 

I recommend at least 1.2mm for a wedding band (more about slim wedding rings here), and go up to about 6mm from sheet metal. Wider is possible but might need to be carved in wax so would take a bit longer.

I offer a selection of profiles including D shapes, halos and flat bands. Making by hand means the shapes aren't necessarily as fixed as they would be for mass produced items, so there is flexibility around how curvy/flat/chunky/slim any band is. Some options aren't as efficient in terms of material buying so would be more expensive.

Handmade wedding band costs

9ct gold from about £95, 18ct gold from £195

There are a few simple pieces on my website, if you can't see what you are looking for please email me for a personal wedding ring quote.

  • Hammered wedding rings in 18ct recycled gold

    A pair of wedding bands in recycled 18ct gold, yellow and rose for Natasha and Emma

  • Handmade D shaped Wedding Bands

    Two D shaped bands, just over 2mm, one in 18ct rose gold, one in platinum with a hammered finish

  • Handmade wedding band in 9ct yellow gold

    9ct yellow gold 2.5mm band with square edges

  • 2mm 18ct yellow gold wishbone wedding ring

    2.3mm smooth wishbone, 18ct yellow gold

  • Hammered recycled gold wedding rings

    3mm 18ct and 9ct hammered hand shaped bands

  • Handmade wedding bands in recycled 9ct gold

    Square bands in 9ct recycled gold, hammered rose and smooth yellow

  • Recycled 18ct yellow gold wedding bands

    Recycled 18ct yellow gold wedding bands, 3mm hammered and 2mm smooth 'D' shaped.

  • Handmade wedding bands in recycled gold

    4mm hammered band with square edges in 18ct white gold, just over 2mm 'D' in smooth 18ct yellow gold

  • Recycled 9ct rose gold wedding bands

    Recycled 9ct rose gold wedding bands, 5mm smooth and 4mm hammered

  • Slim hammered wedding bands

    2mm, 1.5mm and 1.2mm hammered bands in sterling silver

  • Hammered wedding bands in recycled gold and silver, 4mm and 5mm

  • Handmade wedding rings in recycled gold

    14ct yellow gold curved band, and 3mm smooth 9ct yellow gold band, hand shaped court.