Men's Wedding Bands

Do you make Men's wedding rings?

I get asked this question quite often and the answer is yes. Wedding bands are generally suitable for either men or women, the main difference is often simply scale. 

I would say the average width for a men's wedding ring is about 4mm, but I have made quite slim bands. If you have very large fingers going too slim might be a problem, but it's all proportional and there is no need for a big chunky band if you don't like that look. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for something with an organic, chunky look then I can offer lost wax carved bands. 

What men's wedding bands do you offer? 

I make bands between 1mm and 6mm from sheet metal or wire, and can offer a variety of profiles covering slim, square and curvier bands. 

A selection of previous men's wedding bands are below.

Hammered wedding bands are a popular option for men, the hammered finish doesn't pick up scratches and marks as much as a shiny smooth finish. 

Matt finishes are also something that I am asked about a lot. Any matt finish is going to have a limited life span as it's right on the surface of the band. It's a nice place to start if you aren't keen on a very shiny new ring, but it is unlikely to stay pristine matt for very long.

  • Recycled 9ct rose gold wedding bands

    4mm and 5mm bands in 9ct rose gold

  • Handmade mens wedding bands

    6mm hammered D shaped band, 5mm ish heavyweight hand shaped band

  • mens wedding ring

    Heavier weight silver hand shaped band, 5mm

  • mans wedding band D shaped

    3mm D shaped band in 18ct yellow gold, slightly matt finish

  • Hammered rose gold men's wedding ring

    6mm hammered band in 9ct rose gold

  • men's hammered wedding band

    4mm hammered 9ct yellow gold band, pictured with bride's wishbone

  • men's hammered wedding band

    2.5mm hammered palladium band

  • hammered 9ct rose gold wedding band

    3mm hammered band in 9ct rose gold

  • Men's wedding bands

    4mm smooth band in 18ct white gold, 6mm hammered band in 9ct rose gold, 5mm smooth band in sterling silver