Ring sizing

I sell all my rings in UK ring sizes. If you aren't sure which size you need there are several options:

The best way to have your fingers measured is with professional metal sizers. If you are able to go into a jewellers, or know someone with a set you can use these to work out your size.

You can pick the option 'Sizer Please' in the dropdown menu when you order your ring. If you pick this option I will send out a reusable plastic sizer to the address on the order. Once you receive the sizer you can respond to your order confirmation with the size you would like. The sizers are free if you order a ring over £50 in value, and only £3 for items under £50.

If you would prefer to have the sizer before you place the order, you can order one here.


There are also a lot of printable ring sizers available online for free. I generally recommend this website for converting from other types of ring size, or to download a sizer. These can be less accurate than plastic or metal so do be careful.

I wouldn't recommend using a tape measure as a ring needs to fit snugly to your finger, and it is easy to overestimate. I have known people to be 5 or 6 sizes out when using a tape measure.

If you do order the wrong size please send me an email and I will let you know your options. For metal only rings I am generally able to offer very affordable resizing, but for anything stone set and for my baguette rings in particular resizing is not possible so it is important to get an accurate size before you order. In these instances I can't take responsibility for incorrect orders.


If you would like to order a ring for a gift and don't know the size you can pick 'Gift' in the drop down menu. In this case I will send out a plastic sizer along with a letter for the lucky person explaining what has been purchased for them, and how they measure their finger and confirm the size in order to receive the ring.

Please feel free to email me with any questions I am always happy to help.