August's Birthstone - Peridot


Peridot, the birthstone for August is one of very few gems only to appear in one colour, green. The intensity can vary and the most valuable stones are a dark olive green. It used to be mistaken often for Emerald, but has a much more yellowy tone in general.

Peridot is a type of mineral called Olivine, which is quite often found in lavas, and peridots have been found in meteorites.

Peridot is thought to banish demons and regenerate organs including the liver, pancreas and heart.

Although less expensive than Emerald peridot is considered a precious stone and depending on the exact shade of green can be expensive. It is quite popular in modern jewellery.

Most of my standard designs could be made with peridot. I tend to use tourmaline as I prefer it's colour but this is still a lovely stone and perfect for this time of year.  

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