Hammered Gold and Silver Rings

Today I'm sharing a few images of hammered gold rings. 
I love hammering gold, it gives a gorgeous sparkle to the finish of a ring, with a delicate band it can be a pretty, low maintenance and cost, alternative to covering something in diamonds. For a wider band the look can be a bit more rustic.
A pair of 3mm bands with a soft hammered finish, one 18ct and one 9ct
In terms of maintenance, a hammered finish is going to pick up less in the way of obvious knocks and scratches as it's worn so it's a very practical option. The hammered surface will very slowly wear, so a piece might need another hammer after many years of daily wear, but the change would be incredibly subtle. In comparison to many other finishes this needs very little thought.
As I hammer the rings by hand I can vary the effect as requested. I love a very heavy hammer, but I am quite often asked for a more subtle effect.
Heavy hammered bands in 9ct yellow gold
9ct rose gold band with soft hammered finish
I can also add a hammered finish to a shaped band or wishbone. I think this works best with a solitaire or reasonably simple ring. If your engagement ring is quite delicate and you often take it off a hammered finish can also make your wedding ring feel a bit more special when worn alone. 
1.5mm 18ct yellow gold hammered wishbone
Skinny 18ct yellow gold hammered band
Here is a video of a hammered silver band, I love how the light bounces off the ring.
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