Garnet - January's Birthstone

Garnet is in my opinion an underrated gemstone. It's most commonly dark red, although rhodolite garnets move towards pink, and there are rare green tsavorite garnets.

The name comes from a middle English work for dark red, 'gernet', which itself comes from a latin word for a grain or seed, which is thought to relate to pomegranate seeds.

This 4mm round brilliant cut dark red garnet is set in 9ct yellow gold. 

 Garnet is thought to stimulate passion and creativity, and even to inspire love. It's a great choice with either gold or silver. 

This gorgeous baguette ring has a rich orangey red garnet from Mozambique.


There are lots of great garnets available from ethical sources and they can be very affordable. If you are interested in a garnet ring, whether you were born in January or not, send me an email.


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