Introducing Ria August 18 2014, 0 Comments

My Ria rings are an older design, but I've had a couple of orders for these recently, and had forgotten how cute they can be.


As with a lot of my designs the inspiration for these cute little rings came when I was out and about, looking at the jewellery people are wearing. I was sitting on the tube looking at some gorgeous little rings with traditional grain work on them worn by the person sitting next to me.

I wanted to do something which would have some of the same delicacy, but wasn't quite sure where to start, so I cut some teeny little circles of metal and experimented with attaching them to a band. 

The finished result is different each time, the tiny circles of metal are too small for me to exactly place them, they are like a rock fall on a beach, slightly random, the position of the first couple I attach will affect where the others end up.

Available to order in silver or 9ct gold. I make each of these rings from scratch each time, so the pattern will never exactly repeat.

They are nice to stack if the forms are all grouped together at one end, or are very pretty on their own.

Bands of silver and gold May 06 2014, 0 Comments

New to my shop this week are these flat band rings in sterling silver and 9ct gold.

I have had a few special orders for these in the last few weeks, so have decided they need a permanent place in the range.

There are 2 weights on offer. The first are 1mm skinny bands which are perfect for combining with your other skinny rings, giving further depth to your stack. These are available hammered or plain, and in sterling silver, 9ct yellow and 9ct rose gold. A mix of plain and textured, as well as the different metals looks really great together.

The second, the 1.5mm bands are heavier, although still slim and elegant. These look great alone, or would be a nice contemporary wedding ring option. The hammered texture gives a subtle sparkle to the surface, I use a really small round ended hammer to add the texture by hand to the completed ring.

These rings are also available in 18ct gold as a special order. Send me an email for a quotation.

Cityscape - a contemporary wedding ring April 15 2014, 1 Comment

Just before Christmas I created a special set of my Cityscape rings in 18ct gold, as an unusual and contemporary wedding ring.

My cityscape rings were inspired by a trip to New York last year. Skinny and stackable rings are everywhere, and these particular rings have a set of teeny little columns on top, creating a little skyline across the back of your finger. The unusual angle of this image shows this effect, as each ring is unique, each tiny city will be slightly different. 

These rings are also in 18ct gold, which as a stronger, richer colour than 9ct. At this scale it's still very subtle, but really beautiful. It's difficult to see from the image, but one of these rings is yellow, and the other rose. All of my stacking rings are available in 18ct gold via special order, send me an email for a quotation.

The image above is of the 9ct gold version of these rings, a softer shade of yellow, but still very pretty. These are also available in sterling silver and 9ct rose gold. 

Midi Rings March 25 2014, 0 Comments

One of my favourite current trends are teeny little rings which sit above your knuckles. Midi rings, mid finger rings, or knuckle rings, however you describe them, they add another element to a handful of cute stacking rings.


They can take a little bit of getting used to, but my rocking wishbone midi rings are very slim, which makes them really comfy to wear.

Made of solid sterling silver, or 9ct gold. These rings are hand shaped and then hammered with a small round ended hammer to create a very delicate texture. They look great particularly with a full sized rocking wishbone as in the image above. The image below shows a gold version, stacked with a Ria and a Cityscape, on trend but still understated and chic. 



Gold Jewellery March 18 2014, 1 Comment

As someone who considered herself totally devoted to sterling silver, I have recently been converted to gold jewellery. 

If you haven't purchased any gold before, the few notes below should give you a little more information:

Gold is, in it's natural form, spectacularly yellow. It doesn't tarnish with age, as silver and copper do, but comes up out of the ground shining bright. As with most metals, it is combined with others to create alloys with more useful properties. Gold is very soft for a metal, in it's purest form.

I offer my stacking rings in either 9 or 18ct gold. The term carat comes from the greek word, carob. Dealers would use carob seeds when measuring gold, as they had a uniform weight. The amount of gold in an alloy is measured out of 24 parts. 

18ct gold is therefore 18 parts gold to 6 parts other metals, or around 75% pure gold. 9ct gold is around 37.5% gold.

The 9ct gold which most of my stacking rings are pictured in on this site are very soft in colour, as someone who didn't ever think the bright yellow of gold would suit them, I find their softness hugely flattering. They are much warmer than silver, whilst still being gentle in colour.


Before Christmas I produced a set of Cityscape rings in 18ct gold. These were a special order for a wedding ring. At this scale the 18ct gold is still quite subtle, the wider an expanse of a metal, the more obvious the colour. All of my stacking rings are available in 18ct gold via special order, send me an email for a quotation.

If you consider yourself a sterling silver person, 9ct gold is a really nice way to explore bringing a little more colour into your jewellery. If you're a stacking fan, mixing rose and yellow 9ct gold with silver is a great option.