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Today I have a treat for you!

I had the great pleasure of working with a wonderful couple last year, friends of my brothers. This super talented lady has recently launched her own bridal wear company, CoopCouture selling a wonderfully unique product which she has created herself.

You can get the best sneak peak here as seen on her own wedding day. Hundreds of hand stitched gold beads finish this stunning art deco design to perfection.

“I started knitting with silk more than ten years ago – when I studied fashion textiles at uni and specialised in knitwear. I spent years experimenting with yarns and techniques – finding ways to make knitwear elegant. I always loved using silk – it’s beautiful to work with and makes dresses so soft you’d want to sleep in them.”

“It’s also incredibly breathable – it has this amazing ability to keep you warm when it’s cool, and keep you cool when it’s warm. So, when I got engaged and started to think about my dress, it was always going to be knitted with silk.”



Gracie and John got married in the beautiful Kirtlington Park in Oxfordshire where her mum lives, which only has a handful of weddings a year. 

“I’d always imagined I’d make my own dress. I’ve been making clothes for years and studied fashion textiles so I knew what I was doing. I wanted something completely unique – something that was quite traditional and would keep me warm during the day – but became something more unconventional and contemporary, and allowed me to spend the entire evening on the dance-floor.”

Photography McGivern Photogaphy

Be sure to check out all the other fabulous designs available at CoopCouture and spread the word Xx

As always you can see more of my designs online at Nikki Stark Jewellery

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