Bespoke Wishbones

If you have an unusually shaped engagement ring, either vintage or modern finding a ring to fit neatly with it can be a challenge.

I make bespoke wishbones in various metals and widths which can be adjusted to fit with different shapes of ring.

I offer a silver prototype service for these rings, where I send out silver rings made to fit against an engagement ring to check the custom dimensions work. This also allows for a little experimentation with the width and height of the band as well as the dip to get something which sits perfectly with your ring.

There is a £20 fee for this service, which is refundable against your final order if you go ahead with a wishbone in gold. 

Wishbones are available in:

9ct rose, yellow or white gold

18ct red, yellow or white gold


sterling silver

Widths from 1.2mm upwards

Here are a few examples to give you some inspiration. Send me an email with any queries:

18ct yellow gold 1.5mm weight wishbone, hammered

2mm 9ct rose gold wishbone, smooth

2.3mm 18ct yellow gold smooth wishbone


1.2mm 18ct yellow gold wishbone

1.5mm 18ct yellow gold wishbone smooth

A pair of 14kt yellow gold wishbones, and the silver prototype