Gold colours and carats

Gold, as with other metals is combined to improve it's qualities. The standard alloys offered in the UK are 9ct, and 18ct gold. 14ct, which is popular in the US is occasionally offered but generally only in yellow.

The term carat comes from the greek word, carob. Dealers would use carob seeds when measuring gold, as they had a uniform weight. The amount of gold in an alloy is measured out of 24 parts. 

18ct gold is therefore 18 parts gold to 6 parts other metals, or around 75% pure gold. 9ct gold is around 37.5% gold.

These alloys then come in a variety of colours, yellow, red or rose and white. The gold content is constant, so 18ct red and 18ct white are both 75% gold, with the other 25% being made up of a different mix of metals.

Red or rose gold, which is hugely popular at the moment has more copper than the other alloys to give it it's gorgeous red tone. 18ct red gold is very rich, due to the 75% yellow gold. 9ct rose is softer, more delicate in colour. 

White gold is the alloy which differs most between it's 18ct and 9ct versions. 9ct white gold is a soft, warm white, as you would expect of silver with the addition of a yellow gold content. 18ct generally has palladium added, which is a similar alloy to platinum. This means beneath the bright white plating most shops add to white gold the colour is very similar to platinum.

18ct gold is the more expensive option. The red and yellow versions are much richer in tone. 

9ct gold is much gentler in colour, it can be a very flattering option for people who don't suit the stronger gold colours of the higher carats.

9ct gold hammered rings


In the UK precious metals over a certain weight are required to be marked by the UK Assay Office. They verify the gold content of each piece individually and then add a series of tiny marks to the piece. 

A lot of my delicate bands are under the weight limit for hallmarking, but for heavier items, and if required on lighter items I provide a hallmark. It is particularly nice for pieces which might remain in the family for a long time to be able to be tracked back to when and where they were made. 

18ct gold skinny rings

I offer my wedding range in:

18ct yellow, red and white gold

9ct yellow, rose and white gold

If you have questions regarding the options for any of my rings drop me an email at, I'd love to hear from you.