Wedding Rings


Choosing a ring to wear for the rest of your life can feel like a huge decision. This section should give an overview of options and ideas when ordering a wedding ring, with some advice on what to consider:

Bespoke 18ct gold rings for Judy and Ricky

My basic range includes simple halo bands, hammered and smooth polished as well as wishbones in different shapes. These will sit around a variety of shapes of engagement rings and can be tweaked to give a perfect fit. This range is available in 2 weights, and 7 different metals.

Rocking wishbone, 1.5mm diameter, smooth, 9ct yellow gold

For this range I offer silver prototypes if you would like to see exactly how a ring with sit with an engagement ring, or just get a better idea of the fit and feel of the piece. 

Wedding Range

Basic Bands

9ct white gold court band, 5mm wide

I offer a range of bands suitable for both men and women in the shapes below.

Halo and flat bands will look more contemporary. Court and 'D' shapes are more traditional. A court band can be more comfortable to wear with the curve on the inside against your finger.

There is also the option of an easy fit band, this has a flat exterior with a curve on the inside for comfort.

In addition to picking a profile, these rings come in a variety of widths and metals. 

The Gold, colours and carats, and white metals pages have more information on choosing a metal. 

If you are generally a silver wearer, or don't like the idea of bright yellow gold consider 9ct white as a softer, flattering alternative.

If you like the look of platinum, but are struggling with budget, consider looking into palladium as an alternative. 

Be aware if you are placing the ring next to an engagement ring that very hard metals like platinum can wear softer metals like gold.

In terms of a width, 4mm is around average for a basic court band.

The width should be considered in proportion to the size of the ring, if you have smaller fingers then a narrower ring may look more in proportion, likewise if your fingers are larger a bit more width may look more balanced.

If you would like a quote for a band please send me an email to with the profile, width and metal you would like  (for example, Court band, 4mm, 18ct yellow gold - OR - Easy Fit band, 6mm, sterling silver).

I am happy to answer any questions you have so please feel free to ask away.

Carved Bands

Sterling silver ring with subtle wave

If you are looking for something more unique or organic I offer lost wax cast rings. This is a very old method of making jewellery, I would hand carve a mould from hard wax to make a master for the ring, then this can be cast into silver at first, then the final metal required.

The process for a carved ring will take several weeks, costs from £70 for a ring in sterling silver. £300 in 9ct gold, £600 in 18ct gold.

Organic carved sterling silver ring


I would advise against using paper sizers which are printed from the internet, and would beg you all to stay away from tape measures!

The best way to have your fingers measured is with metal sizers in a jewellers shop. If this isn't convenient I can provide a plastic sizer.

A ring should just fit over the widest part of your finger, usually your knuckle and be snug, but not be too tight.

When choosing a size it is important to pay attention to whether your fingers are hot or cold, your fingers can change up to a couple of sizes depending on the weather and time of year, as well as the environment you are in.

It is a good idea to check your size a couple of times, and bear in mind whether your hands are cold or hot when you check the size. 

A wider ring will need to be larger than a narrow one, as it covers more of your finger. 

 If you haven't worn a ring before it is very likely to feel awkward and uncomfortable to start with, you will be very aware of it's presence. Give it some time and it will feel stranger to be without than with it.