Wedding Rings Gallery


A stack of 3 wedding bands in hammered recycled 9ct gold

4mm 9ct white gold, 3mm 9ct yellow gold, 2mm 9ct rose gold hammered bands.

A pair of hammered wedding bands in 9ct yellow gold

Heavier hammered 4mm and 2mm bands in 9ct yellow gold

a hammered wedding band in 9ct rose gold, soft modern court with delicate hammered finish

4mm 9ct rose gold hammered band, hand shaped, soft edges.

Recycled 9ct white gold hammered wedding band, 4mm, square edges

4mm 9ct white gold band, hand shaped, square edges

2.5 square edged wedding band in 14ct yellow gold

2.5mm 9ct yellow gold band, square edges

1.5mm 18ct white gold wishbone wedding ring, made in recycled gold

18ct white gold hammered wishbone.

3mm D shaped wedding band in 18ct yellow gold

3mm 18ct yellow gold hand shaped court with satin finish.

6mm hammered D shaped wedding band, 9ct white gold and soft modern court wedding band in 9ct white gold

6mm hammered band, 5mm heavier weight hand shaped band

A pair of 4mm 9ct rose gold wedding rings, soft modern court shape, smooth finish

4mm rose gold slim hand shaped court rings

4mm wedding band in palladium, hammered finish wedding band

4mm hammered palladium slim court ring

A stack of wedding bands in 9ct gold, 2mm to 5mm

2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm bands.

1.5mm wedding band, wishbone shaped in 14ct yellow gold

14ct yellow gold bespoke wishbone

1.5mm wishbone wedding band in 18ct yellow gold, hammered finish

18ct yellow gold hammered bespoke wishbone

2.3mm handmade wedding band, wishbone shape in 18ct yellow gold

2.3mm 18ct yellow gold bespoke wishbone

2mm 9ct rose gold wishbone wedding ring

2mm 9ct rose gold bespoke wishbone

A pair of wedding bands in mixed 18ct rose and yellow gold

1.5mm hammered halo band in 18ct red gold with yellow gold sliver, and 3mm by 2mm 'D' shaped band in 18ct yellow gold with red gold bands, matt finish. See my commissions page for more on these rings.

2mm halo bands in 18ct yellow gold, hammered wedding bands

2mm hammered halo bands in 18ct yellow gold.

1.5mm wishbone wedding band in 9ct white gold, recycled gold

Holly wishbone in 9ct white gold, 1.5mm.

6mm hammered wedding band in sterling silver

6mm hammered hand shaped band in sterling silver

Sterling silver wedding bands, matt finishes

D shaped silver bands, 3mm and 4mm


wedding ring and silver sample with engraved pattern

Engraved bands in sterling silver and 9ct white gold. See my commissions page for more information on these rings.

1.5mm 18ct white gold hammered wedding ring


1.5mm wide 18ct white gold flat band. This band was made to a custom height to sit under the stone of the bride's engagement ring.

A stack of 18ct yellow gold hammered wedding rings

Hammered halo bands, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 18ct yellow gold.